You may hear this repeated quite a bit at clinics like ours. “RICE” your ankle, “RICE” your knee. No, we’re not talking about grabbing some Uncle Ben’s and soaking your extremity in it. We’re talking about a simple acronym that can help with common joint injuries and joint pain. RICE stands for:

R – REST – Rest the affected injury site, whether it be your ankle, knee, wrist, shoulder, etc. This will prevent further injury and promote speedy recovery

I – ICE – Ice the injury site to help with pain, swelling and inflammation.

C – COMPRESSION – Go get yourself an  ACE Wrap and wrap the ankle, knee, etc. This will help with stabilization of the injury site and help control the swelling.

E- ELEVATION – No we don’t mean go up in the mountains (although that might help you rest). We mean get the injured joint/extremity above heart level to help with swelling and promote rest.

These simple measures can help alleviate certain injuries, sprains, strains and even fractures once properly evaluated. So if you ever hear us refer to RICE treatment again, instead of getting hungry and thinking we’re a bunch of looney’s promoting Rice baths, you’ll now be equipped with this tried and true home remedy.

As always, visit us at Vista Complete Care for an appointment or walk-in if you need same day urgent care service.

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