Ring finger itch


This seemed to be a natural topic to tackle, as I have now heard of two people who have developed this issue in the last couple of months. Both have been married for over 8 years. The story goes the first person began to notice irritation, dryness and itching to her ring finger. The same finger that she has had her wedding ring on for the last 9 years! What changed? Was she now allergic to that beautiful piece of jewelry? Well, as it turns out, this phenomenon is not as rare as we thought. The second individual also developed the EXACT same symptoms. Read more to learn about this all-to-common phenomenon.

This type of eczema is actually a form of contact dermatitis. If you recall from our previous post on Poison Ivy, you’d remember that contact dermatitis can be quite the annoying itch. It turns out there are a couple causes for this “ring finger itch” and some interventions you can do at home to help.


  1. “gunk” buildup underneath the ring. It is recommended to remove the ring whenever you are washing your hands or showering to help prevent the buildup of organic material under the ring. This material can lead to irritation of the skin.
  2. Nickel Allergy – Some rings have nickel based in them, and this has long been known to be a skin irritant. Some experts recommend having your ring “re-dipped” to help prevent the nickel from coming into contact directly with your skin.
  3. Moisturizers can help – From all the hand washing, your body can lose protective layering called Ceramides. CeraVe is a product that helps restore this layer of skin and prevent the dermatitis from forming


  1. To help prevent direct contact with skin, you can actually take clear nail polish and coat the inside of the ring. This will help protect your finger and prevent the nickel or other irritants from making you itch
  2. OTC Hydrocortisone 1% Anti-Itch cream or ointment can be applied directly to the finger twice a day to help with symptoms and itching. You should notice improvement in 1 week.
  3. As discussed already, getting your ring “re-dipped” by the jeweler is also advised, check out this informative Article about common ring issues
  4. Have your ring professionally cleaned. I know my wife is able to take her ring to the jeweler and they clean it at no extra charge.
  5. Remove the ring – this is the most obvious, but try giving your finger a break from the ring for a couple weeks. This will allow your skin to heal and get you on the right track.

As with everything, we recommend getting evaluated if you try these home remedies and nothing is helping. Swing by Vista Complete Care as an Urgent Care walk in, or make an appointment with one of our great providers!

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